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ADHD: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving New Year's Resolutions

New Year, New You as the adage goes, and since it is a New Year and we are filled with optimism, we set ambitious resolutions, and envision a year of positive change. When we think back on previous years we know that ADHD may make the journey towards sustaining New Year resolutions challenging. Distractions, impulsivity, and difficulty maintaining focus often pose unique obstacles despite our intentions, commitment, and enthusiasm.

The New Year can be overwhelming because we normally put ourselves under pressure to achieve too much, too soon, and end up becoming frustrated and afraid of failure. Staying on course with our New Year’s resolutions can be like navigating a ship through stormy seas in a dense fog. Hurdles appear unexpectedly and our old ghosts of time management, efficient planning, effective execution and wayward motivation return to wage a constant battle, making it seem impossible to allocate the necessary resources and sustain the enthusiasm needed to stick to our New Year resolutions and achieve our goals.

Success may seem elusive, but it is not impossible. Support, skills to leverage, and small strategies can have a big impact on achieving and maintaining New Year’s resolutions. Remember to be kind to yourself and set achievable, realistic goals, break larger objectives into smaller chunks so you can track your accomplishments, support yourself by implementing routines and creating dedicated workspaces, use tools like timers and reminders, prioritise tasks and allocate time appropriately and remember to adjust your strategies and approaches to help maintain your motivation.

So, for 2024, let’s embrace the challenges of the New Year and recognise the unique hurdles, as well as the unique celebrations of ADHD. With support we can implement our personalised strategies and make our journey towards self-improvement both possible and empowering. 

Remember one slip isn’t a failure and that since tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, recovery is always possible.


Wishing everyone in The Skill Crew (you are all always welcome in the crew) a super constructive, enriching, and prosperous 2024!!!

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