Our multidisciplinary experience provides a broad base from which to understand the real world implications of Barriers to Learning and Executive Functions shortfalls and alternative approaches for taking back control.  

If you or someone you love is struggling with ADHD, we can help you navigate the options and learn the skills to make the journey less stressful.



Coach and Consultant

Kim has a Psychology Degree, is a trained ICF Coach with a specialisation in ADHD through ADDCA and has served on the Board of AHDWA since 2016.
Although she is fascinated by the inherent exuberance and creativity of ADHD, a background in management consulting and project management identified the importance of healthy relationships with time, organisation, planning and impulse control to get initiatives delivered. 
Mothering experience of ADHD has provided insights into options and alternatives including picking battles and adapting environments while raising a family of 3 ADHD sons who are all currently at University.


Coach and Consultant

Vanessa is an experienced remedial educator, registered outcomes-based assessor, and a skilled workshop facilitator.  Her qualifications include a B.A–Ed degree, and focused training on specialist topics including learning delays, barriers to learning, autism and managing challenging behaviour. She is is focused on the adaptions to an environment to facilitate a positive social, emotional and academic impact. Her objective is to make every individual receptive to life and learning at each life stage. She assists parents and teachers to interact in a way that encourages constructive behaviour in children. In adolescence and adulthood, she teaches skills to facilitate emotional self- management and approaches to successful learning to avoid overwhelm and negative outcomes.