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ADHD and Celebration

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The challenges associated with ADHD can become completely overwhelming for the individual and for those in close relationships with them. It is vital understand the importance of timeously implementing the correct tools and techniques in order to create opportunities for success, and for these successes to be noticed and celebrated.

An individual who does not always feel in control of their environment, or who does not always understand their environment, may experience that environment as being quite hostile. Just imagine living in an environment that makes no sense to you and that appears to be completely unpredictable; an environment where you seem to constantly upset the people around you even when you are trying so hard not to.

This is why facilitating success is so important, once the structures are in place, celebrate every success no matter how small. Parent who validate their child help them to feel less helpless within their world. By noticing these positive steps, you will nurture your child’s self-confidence and esteem and you are setting the stage for future successes. Acknowledge what is working and continue doing more of that day after day. Acknowledge the challenges but celebrate your child’s talents and strengths. Allow them to really get a sense of what they are good at and what they like about themselves and an understanding that their challenges can be overcome with strategies and consistency. Celebrating the little successes improves your, and your child’s, outlook and affects the effort that will be put into the next task.

Celebrating the small victories is a good habit to carry with you through life as it provides the pause to draw your attention to the progress that is being made. You can see how the big goal is attainable when broken into smaller chunks. Celebration reinvigorates your enthusiasm for the big goal and allows you to look back at how much has been achieved. It will give you confidence for the next steps and an opportunity to feel proud of your collective achievements. These positive feelings reinforce future positive behaviour and offers us a solid foundation to keep moving forwards in the right direction.

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