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ADHD and the Zero Time Myth

Time Blind is a concept for people who do not perceive time passing, forget time even exists and forget to look at the clock.

People with ADHD describe several problem behaviours that trace their origin to the elusive nature of time and the way they perceive it:

· Procrastination

· Missing deadlines

· “Hyper focusing” on one task for hours at the expense of other tasks

· Underestimating the time needed for tasks or trips

· Doing things in the wrong order

Deadlines are the enemy and regardless of how good the intention is the reality just fails to match the expectation, much to everyone's detriment and distress.

A well-documented phenomenon is that people who live close to work are more often late than people who live miles away.

People who live close to work tend to discount the time needed to get there by failing to factor in the getting into the car, managing doors and gates, finding parking and walking.

The Zero Time Myth operates on the premise that if I were really efficient, if I made every stoplight and nobody else was waiting in the checkout line, then I could get to the store and back without any time passing.

I look at my watch, cursing every movement of the second hand. I groan at every red light. I am furious at the people waiting in the checkout line.

Remember to never get mad at a slow driver as it is not their fault you are late.

The same issues apply to deliverable estimates which will take longer to research, to write/build/make and correct than the speediest you can be.

The first step on the road to time management is learning to estimate.

Knowing how soon to start is one of the skills that is required to ensure you finish on time.

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