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ADHD and Marriage

ADHD is recognised as the "silent partner" in a relationship as it is ever present and requires consideration. Sometimes it is a "not- so- silent" partner when the frantic lifestyle it can generate leaves the ADHD partner frustrated and angry and the non-ADHD partner resentful, exhausted and mistakenly feeling the frustration is aimed at them.

Once the initial glow of "hyper focus" wears off the non-ADHD partner can feel the cool chills of reality including distraction, forgetfulness, general chaos and an unshakeable feeling that they are being left to shoulder the load of being the adult in the relationship. What options do you have to prevent your ADHD marriage ending up as another statistic?

Make time to connect - you started out as a crazy, wonderful, creative relationship of seemingly endless possibilities (not least thanks to the silent partner). Remember the fun times and slow down to reminisce and reconnect - preferably on a scheduled date night, away from any sort of screen, where there will be no interruptions and distractions.

Remember you are on the same team, nobody is perfect and lists are your friend.

Lists with deadlines are even better. It isn't about who is in charge of what, it is about being on the same page, working together and BOTH being in charge of that relationship 3rd wheel.....

Managing ADHD is a skill and that silent partner can be mastered!!!

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