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ADHD and Christmas (or any big event)

The enthusiasm and creativity of ADHD coupled with the tendency to underestimate the length of time it takes to do things can make planning and preparing for large events debilitatingly overwhelming.

Our social media is flooded with the picture-perfect effort of others and when our reality does not match up with our expectations, we can become victims of our harsh internal critic. Since negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts and may feed into our ADHD negative self-perception it is not long before we feel that we always “mess things up” or are “not good enough”.

BUT consider for a moment the fiction of the picture-perfect social media posts since there is a high likelihood that:

· It took days to “stage”

· There were a number of willing helpers involved

· Specialist skills are required

· More time and/or money was available to spend

· There may be a GIANT messy disaster just outside the frame

Our HOT TIPS for surviving and enjoying Christmas are:

· Tell yourself repeatedly that you are fabulous and small glitches don’t change that

· Expect to do half what you think you can to avoid overwhelm

· Take shortcuts (e.g. buy instead of bake/ find the easy alternative)

· Aim to get everywhere half an hour early so you get good parking

· Remember nobody will remember much, people are there to have fun with you

· Take some photos of the good bits and when you look back you will see the success

· Curated photos are the speediest way to happy memories.

RELAX and enjoy yourself!!!!

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