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ADHD, Iceland and Me

Iceland is famous for it's scenic beauty, Vikings and volcanoes, it is also the leading European Country for the diagnosis, treatment and management of ADHD.

Whether there is any genetic link between Vikings and ADHD is currently under study, but the environment provides an approach rich in interesting facts that will effortlessly appeal to anyone familiar with ADHD.

Iceland is bracing and beautiful, full immersion is an ADHD attention balm as you enjoy the physical sensations of wild weather, including rain and wind to experience the spectacular scenery, waterfalls, and geothermic activity. Adding waves to the mix is a prerequisite for whale and/or puffin watching. Exercise and mindfulness is part of the requirement of getting around the ancient streets of Reykjavik, navigating lava fields, geothermic areas and slippery rocks around waterfalls.

Iceland knows it is quirky (think underground punk museum) and is full of focused and passionate individuals who are proud of their heritage including turf houses (which inspired the Hobbit Houses in Lord of the Rings) and art which is celebrated in all it’s forms. Iceland is a mix of creative genius and survival and the multi modal museums ensure there is something for everyone.

This fearless approach to finding better ways to do things probably did much to move sensible approaches to ADHD along. The genetic study may yet prove the theory that the traits inherent in ADHD enabled the first settlers to undertake the daunting journey, think creatively enough to find solutions and endure the extraordinary hardships faced by the original settlers. Iceland has strong ADHD advocacy and support with an organisational head office that can be visited in Reykjavik. Web based information is available here:

Other spectacular populations in Iceland are the horses and sheep that have roamed free since the Vikings brought them around 874 CE. They are perfectly adapted to their environment and are genetically unique as no new horses or sheep are allowed onto the island. The horses are small, hardy and able to traverse the difficult terrain powerfully while looking great thanks to their magnificent manes and tails. The sheep gave rise to the original Lopi, an unspun wool made of a mix of the thel (warm undercoat wool) and tog (strong waterproof outercoat wool) to provide survival outerwear long before synthetic technical fabrics were manufactured.

To celebrate all things ADHD and Iceland we will be launching a fibre social group to take full advantage of new learnings and the time-honoured mindfulness of tactile pursuits involving fibre in all its forms. Please keep an eye out for our inaugural "Yarnies" event in August and feel free to join us for a virtual group get together.

All Welcome and we look forward to catching up.

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